Visit the Home of the Donnoli

Try our famous original treat

Nothing beats snacking on a delicious, cream-filled cannoli. Nothing, that is, except snacking on a cannoli made out of donut dough. Ramon's Bakery is the home of the famous "donnoli," a combination of sugar-encrusted donut dough and creamy cannoli filling. Visitors come from all over the tri-state area to try this sweet treat that will satisfy your most intense sugar cravings.

Stop by Ramon's Bakery today to try a donnoli for yourself.

Take some donnolis home with you

Take some donnolis home with you

Craving something sweet? The donnoli is the perfect dessert for any time of day. Bring some delicious donnolis to the office or take some home for the family to enjoy. Just don't be surprised if you're voted Employee of the Month (or World's Best Parent). All of our baked goods are made fresh from top-quality ingredients. We guarantee you'll be able to taste the difference in our homemade pastries.

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