I'm traveling for work and this bakery was recommended by a coworker. Omg. I don't even know where to start! That bakery is cute and clean. The goodies are AMAZING!!! The doughnuts are huge and super fresh and there are so many flavors. My fave doughnut is the chocolate iced cream filled...It was like biting into heaven. I've never had a half moon before and honestly I'm sad I only got one. I would drive 6.5 hours one way to get a box of them. The donnolis (doughnut with cannoli filling) were so so good. The first bite of the apple turnover... I can't even describe how light and airy and sugary. The blueberry kolache was like a cheese and fruit danish rolled into one but better. The almond roll was bomb. I also got some of their tomato pie. It was so good, I didn't even get a picture. If you are anywhere near here, it would be in your best interest to get something from this bakery. Not even joking.

Johannah C

Got these from Ramon's Bakery. The "Donnoli" is the donut-cannoli hybrid, is a must get, and is fantastic. Then the "Canookie" is the cannoli filling between two cookies rimmed with sprinkles and better than an ice cream sandwich. The round frosted brownie is the perfect brownie. Yes that is a Nutella mini-cake, with chocolate cake base, chocolate Nutella frosting, chocolate crunchies on the side, and a Nutella glob of goodness in the middle. Chocolate chip cookie was great. On another visit I got donuts which may very well be the best in the city. Many unique frosting and toppings on the donuts. Also got hot cocoa bombs that were delicious with hot milk. Friendly helpful service.

Sheridan Mish

Great food. My omelette and potatoes were done perfectly. They have 2 kinds of hot sauce on the table, which was a nice extra. The price was very reasonable. I got a cannoli to go for later and they gave me a nice fresh one. The service is genuinely friendly.

Jessica Hampe

Phenomenal small diner/bakery for a nice Saturday morning with the breakfast group. As soon as you walk in you get an atmosphere that is unparalleled to anything else in Utica. We ordered, and our waitress was very kind and had a great sense of humor. Our food followed soon after. I ordered pancakes and was taken back by how big they were for the small price I paid! Would definitely go back.

Ross Walker

Small place you could easily miss from traffic. Definitely would regret it if you did though. So far have had two iterations of pancakes. They are delicious. Flavors are excellent, fluffy, HUGE, with flavored butter spreads. Also they have a donnolis. Donut in place of cannoli shell. This is going to be a place we frequent.

Jeremy S.

Absolutely amazing! Best eggs Benedict around and also some amazing pancakes. Reasonable prices and nice atmosphere as well.

Gregory Boehlert

I read a review a month ago,we went for breakfast and we have been every week since. Their baked goods....every one that we have tried....the breakfast choices are phenomenal and plentiful and we always have to take some home! We love all the staff that we have come to meet...they are also friendly, and helpful...and you feel like you are in their own kitchen!

Susan Evans

Awesome coffee. Great brkfast and don't forget to take home some fresh baked bread and pastries.

Avigail Bristol

BEST DONUTS EVER! And their breakfasts are absolutely delicious and filling as well.

Kristin Landgren

Delicious! Had breakfast then brought home some pastries. All amazing. Love that they have utica coffee!

Erin Weldon

Love this place. The dannolis (cannoli filled donuts) are out of this world! I've never eaten their savory foods but it always looks great while I'm waiting in line to by baked goods. The place is a little out of the way for me but totally worth it.

Leonore Fleming

All around A+. The breakfast is reasonably priced and great value, the service was prompt and pleasant. But the real star of the show is their pastries and doughnuts I have never been let down.

Zachary Watkinsy

Had to visit Ramon's and stock up before they tell us we have to stay home. Very fresh and yummy. Highly recommend. Had a birthday cake from there last week that to was delicious. All this for only $10

Sihab Mahmud

Donut was out of this world. Good bread and cinnamon roll too. Worth the stop, hope there are half moons next time I go

Janet Smith