Looking for a Savory Option?

Our tomato pies will hit the spot

Baked goods don't have to be sweet. Ramon's Bakery offers handmade tomato pies to satisfy your cheesy snack cravings. This Utica invention has put our city on the foodie map and is celebrated at the Utica Tomato Pie Day festival each year. Tomato pie is now a must-try for locals and visitors alike. We've tweaked our recipe for years to create the perfect combination of cheese, sauce and seasonings.

Taste the difference fresh ingredients and careful baking can make by ordering a tomato pie from Ramon's Bakery.

Our recipe combines top-quality ingredients

Our recipe combines top-quality ingredients

So, you know that you need to try tomato pie, but what exactly is it? This crowd-pleasing favorite combines:

  • Pizza dough-like pie crust
  • Tomato sauce base
  • Parmesan or Romano cheese

It's the perfect snack or meal for any time of day.